In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a lot of crap going on the world, and most of it stems from hate, bigotry and mindless labeling.

Our online magazine, Vivacini, was born because we wanted to help build a community of open, tolerant and caring readers . . . people who not only care about the communities they live in, but about the whole planet and all its inhabitants. Our mission at Vivacini is to “BUILD BRIDGES OF TRUST AND UNDERSTANDING” and “DEEPEN BONDS OF FRIENDSHIP” . . .  among all people.

It’s easy to be an innocuous “entertainment” magazine, but not so easy to present controversial subjects that encourage readers to re-examine their values and biases, indeed, to self-reflect.

So, (a.) if you are afraid of leaving your safe, tightly-woven cocoon and (b.) can’t bear to look at a photo of a hunter with his “kill” and (c.) refuse to read the article (which explains the responsible and humane approach to hunting in the first paragraph), before dismissing the entire publication based on ONE issue, then perhaps you really aren’t ready for Vivacini. There are plenty of dumbed-down, bland magazines out there that cater to readers’ “safety zones” . . . I suggest you start with your “local” newspapers. If we’ve stepped on toes or pushed boundaries a little, we don’t apologize for fulfilling our mission.

Everything and everyone featured in Vivacini has a life story that is very unique—which more than likely is quite different from yours, but in these pages it comes to life, presented from the heart. We don’t want to convert or convince anyone of anything . . . we only want people to look past the labels and recognize a fellow human worthy of being your brother or sister, and certainly worthy of being called a “child of God.”

If you can’t take the time to respect viewpoints from people who are as different as night and day, and whose diametrically opposed work is featured simultaneously within the covers of the same issue of Vivacini, then perhaps you need to move on. We’d certainly LIKE for you to stay, but we also understand that not everyone can be or wants to be “intelligently optimistic and inquisitive.”

But before you go, let me ask you just one question:  what are you doing to combat bigotry, arrogance and stupidity on this long-suffering planet of ours?

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