I have driven by this grove of trees at least a hundred times in the early morning and late afternoons of every season.   Each time I glanced at them, I relished the beauty of the light that either showed through or reflected off the weathered barks of the stately elms.  Each of those times I thought to myself that I have to take a picture of them, but I always seemed to be in a hurry hither and dither.  So, the other afternoon I headed for them with the specific intent of making that promised photo.  For me, photography is not just a vocation or career, but a spiritual journey, because what I photograph always touches my soul in some way. This grove of trees in the late afternoon sunlight enveloped me in such joy and warmth –kind of like the feeling you get when you come home after a long trip.  And that’s what I wanted to capture in a photo.

When I processed the photos, I was a little disappointed in the outcome.  They were okay, but okay is never good enough for me.  More importantly,   the emotions I felt when I was photographing them, were conspicously lacking when I looked at the photos, until I started playing around with channels and filters in Photoshop.  When I hit on this particular combination (infrared), the warm, fuzzy feelings came back.

So, is this what the grove of trees looked like?  In my mind’s eye, maybe.  More importantly, this is how they felt to me.