On January 1st of this year I embarked on my first 365 day photo project.  There are a lot of hints and suggestions about themes and how to stick with it; however, I have learned that if you’re going to be successful in this or anything in life, you have to customize it to your preferences.  Today is Day 228 of the project, so I thought I would share some of what I learned.

  • At some point, probably between day 35-50, there is critical point: is this a chore or do I really love photography? You can call this, “the dark night of the photographer’s soul”. If you don’t hit it, you may not be putting your heart and soul into it. When you do hit it and search your “photographer’s soul” and work through it, your art will leap to a new level.


  • I learned to work through my creativity blocks. Keep shooting until you find something you like. I’ve learned to operate more from the intuitive/feeling side and let a photo “evolve”


  • Don’t stay in your comfort zone . . . in other words, 365 photos of the same kind or thing isn’t going to make this worth your time.


  • I can no longer go even one day without shooting something, and I’m able to put all my love and energy into every shot, regardless of what I use the photo for.


  • I know my equipment and which lenses, settings, etc. will give me the desired outcome.


  • I know my weak areas and my strengths.


This project has done more for my photography than anything else, simply because I am shooting every single day, and it has only validated my love of photography.

Photos for my 365 Day Project can be found here, OHKworld.