When I shoot an event, I try to hand every person I photograph a business card so that they can go to the gallery where the photos are posted online. Unfortunately, for some people, the words, “online”, “download”, “digital” and “Facebook” are basically Greek. When it comes to photography, their mindset is still in the film days . . . looking at prints in hand. Digital printing and film processing are very costly, which is why photographers post their photos online first.

I’ve come across several people since this event and their remark is “I’d love to see the photos,” and when I respectfully give them the URL for the gallery, I’m met with a blank stare. So, I’m kindly requesting that if you have a friend, neighbor or relative who attended this event and would like to see the photos, please help them get online, or have them contact me directly (575-937-7923) so I can help them.

We need to help the “computer illiterate” . . . technology is not going away! Thanks!