I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to professionally photograph some very gracious and wonderful clients . . . clients who truly appreciate the value of the artistry of a professional photographer.  Contrary to what most of the public thinks,  a truly beautiful and magical photograph is not an accidents.  It takes planning, skill and very labor-intensive post processing, especially in portraits and weddings.   For me it was always a labor of love, whether I was photographing a bride, a child, a puppy, or Nature in all its glory.

This is my official announcement that I will no longer be accepting clients for weddings or other lifestyle events.  My focus has gradually been shifting to fine art and the artist within me often conflicts with the vision or lack of vision in other people.  As I have stated before, I’ve been lucky that thus far, because my clients have trusted my vision.  Now is the time for me to put more effort into the things that truly feed my soul, the passions in my life.

I will continue to offer limited editions of my works on this site and will be gradually converting the Zenfolio site to galleries that support my fine art photography and EXTRAORDINARY DOGS INC, our nonprofit organization for saving death row dogs.  ALL PROCEEDS FROM MY PHOTOGRAPHY WILL BE APPLIED TOWARD THE OPERATION OF THIS ORGANIZATION.

Please take the time to look at these event galleries and order digital downloads of the images you would like.  A personal use license comes with it so you can order prints or other products using this image at the lab of your choice.

Thank you for your support and for all of you who value the merits of a good photograph.



The following were public events and will be archived at the end of the month:

2011 Ruidoso Songwriting Contest at Flying J

2011 HEAL Heroes Banquet

2011 HOSPICE Fundraiser at Flying J

2012 FUR Ball for Lincoln County Human Society

If you were a client, your galleries can be found at this link.  They will be archived at the end of the month and password protected.  Until then, downloads are available for purchase.