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I have just completed my claim for this blog. SWWYXX9ERPCC Technorati seems like a very classy and professional site, so I’m looking forward to seeing this blog listed there.

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Best Friends Photo Shoot

  Special Offer THROUGH OCTOBER ONLY Set up a photo shoot shoot of your choice (glamour, lifestyle, senior, on location) for you and your best friend and split the cost. A one-hour session costs $150 and gets each of you a free...

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Glamour Photo Shoot

GLAMOUR PHOTOGRAPHY Get a portrait that accentuates and showcases the real you!  Glamour photography is not just for the professional model.  It’s time to break out of the mold!  Email to book a session or...

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Fine Art Print

  I’d like to show my gratitude to my Twitter followers and Facebook fans by offering you an opportunity for a free 8 X 10 fine art print on gold fibre silk paper of the lovely Snowy Egret pictured above. I’ve been...

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Summer Fun

  Our summertime special: capture memories of your kids in summer fun by booking an on-location photo shoot before the back-to-school madness begins.  Then use the $100 product credit for an album of your choice . . . a great...

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Getting Social

When I shoot an event, I try to hand every person I photograph a business card so that they can go to the gallery where the photos are posted online. Unfortunately, for some people, the words, “online”,...

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What Brides Should Know

It’s much easier for a bride to pick out her wedding dress than it is to find the right wedding photographer.   So how important is it and how should a bride go about finding the right photographer for her special day?  Read...

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  • RT : Show me what part of the U.S. Constitution gives you the right to infect and possibly kill my family members, friends, and fellow citizens because you don't believe in science? C'mon America! We have to stop this lunacy.,
  • RT : "A hit-man sent them." Yes, he did.,
  • RT : There are people that are one issue voters. I've decided that my one issue is whether a person supports the If you talk about it & say there was voter fraud in 2020 YOU WILL NOT get my vote or support. The changed me. ,
  • RT : Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene get run out of their own protest rally ,
  • So according to the journalists Rucker/Leonnig, djt claims the election was rigged because the total votes counted was greater than the number of registered voters, a claim spawned by social media and no facts. WHY DID THEY NOT CHALLENGE HIM ON THIS???? ,
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