Author: Helene Kobelnyk

Best Friends Photo Shoot

  Special Offer THROUGH OCTOBER ONLY Set up a photo shoot shoot of your choice (glamour, lifestyle, senior, on location) for you and your best friend and split the cost. A one-hour session costs $150 and gets each of you a free...

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Glamour Photo Shoot

GLAMOUR PHOTOGRAPHY Get a portrait that accentuates and showcases the real you!  Glamour photography is not just for the professional model.  It’s time to break out of the mold!  Email to book a session or...

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  • RT : It's HAROLD. You know, "Our father who art in heaven, Harold be thy name". Also, Hark! the Harold's angels sing. It's quite simple really... or I am. It's one of the two.,
  • RT : Fun fact: You can call your 'favorite' right wing political hack a "disgusting sack of putrufied rat semen" and as long as you don't say fuck or shit in the same tweet, Twitter's language bots won't notice.,
  • RT : Dear Resisters, We are all on the same side. I get we have differences, sometimes big, but let's try & put them aside as best we can The enemy is united & going to lead us into a very dark place none of us want to go. Stick together & defeat this very real threat to our democracy,
  • Trying to catch up on all the follow backs. If you'e following me and I haven't reciprocated, tag me in a tweet or reply to this. Twitter's notifications are a little screwy.,
  • RT : So if the Catholic Church intends to rebuke Biden, how about humanity rebuke Trump??,
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