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Sometimes the obvious is not the best treatment of a photo.  We have had some extraordinarily brilliant sunsets here and it’s sometimes tempting to include those brilliant reds, blues and purples in every photo.  Had I...

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As part of the 365Project 2011, I try for a different genre or effect each day.  Today was filled with 60 mph wind gusts which pretty much eliminated anything in terms of landscape.  So I turned to a frisbee game with my best...

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Heroes with Heart Gala Award

A wonderful ceremony to honor some very great community members who help those in need.  Thank you to all the heroes in our lives! I always have favorite photos from all shoots.  Below are my “Photog Pics” from...

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White Sand and Mammals Galore

Earlier this month, Libby and I trekked down to Alamogordo for another chance to photograph some of the delightful critters at the Alameda Park Zoo.  Both of us were very thrilled to be using our “big boys”...

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