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Please watch . . . how peaceful protesters deal with police, including women and children protecting protesters from arrest or police brutality. In case you don’t know, these are citizens protesting corrupt authoritarian...

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“Am I a Racist?”

  If someone were to ask me that,  I would answer with a firm and unequivocal, “no:” but, I had  a little bit of an epiphany this morning that has left me a little unsettled. The above meme came across my newsfeed...

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  • RT : Stop issuing tourist visas to Russians. Visiting is a privilege, not a human right. Air travel from RU is shut down. It means while Schengen countries issue visas, neighbours to Russia carry the burden (FI, EE, LV – sole access points). Time to end tourism from Russia now,
  • RT : I can’t stop wondering if TFG would actually hide classified documents in a coffin?,
  • RT : If you're upset at the FBI for enforcing the law, your problem isn't with the FBI, it's with the law. If you're outraged that the Department of Justice is investigating a serial criminal, your problem isn't with DoJ, it's that you are on the side of a criminal.,
  • RT : I just saw a post on a news service that said that Congress narrowly passes The Inflation Reduction Act. No, Democrats unanimously and overwhelmingly passed it and Republicans unanimously opposed it.,
  • RT : Concealment and removal of official federal records is a federal crime — and one of the punishments is disqualification from holding ANY federal office ever after.,
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