. . . that disappear too quickly.

I have written and could write more about the healing power of photographs. When I lost my mom, brother, and then all my little “heart dogs” and horses, the first thing I did was find every photograph I had of them, touch them and remember what once was. It made those next few days of seeming darkness, bearable. The photos in this gallery are 5-7 years old. They are candid shots of people who attended events in Lincoln County. As i was looking through them, I thought to myself what beauty in the faces and such warm smiles. Maybe some of them are gone now, and some have clearly grown up or older. . . . and maybe someone who loves these people would want a keepsake of that “moment in time.”

If you would like a digital download and personal use license of these photos, click on “Visit Gallery” in the menu bar of the slide show.  The fee is $5.50 and the entire amount (minus the site service fee) is donated to Extraordinary Dogs Inc, a 501(c)(3) public charity that gives “death row” dogs a second chance.

View the entire gallery, “People You May Know”.