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Helene picked up her first camera at age eleven and fell in love with photography.  Her formal education began at Temple University in Philadelphia.   O. Helene Kobelnyk spent a lifetime traveling and studying throughout Europe, North America, Mexico and the Caribbean, always with camera in hand.   After earning a master of arts degree in mathematics, Helene devoted more than 20 years to public education.

She has been and continues to be an avid and lifelong student of the visual arts and music and has studied  in major cities of the United States and Europe.  Throughout her journey through life and different parts of the world, her camera was always by her side.

Not only has her photographic work  received a variety of accolades and been short-listed in international competitions, but her compassionate and effective teaching syle won her the titles of Teacher and Staff of the Year  and a variety of grants, fellowships and scholarships.

While her primary focus continues to be photography, Helene offers topic specific seminars as her shooting and publishing schedule allows.



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