I put a lot of time and effort into trying to grow beautiful Old Garden roses.  Last year’s drought was a real challenge and fortunately most of the bushes rallied back this year with a little extra nourishing.

But a little less spectacular are these little wildflowers, or “weeds” that grow along my driveway and all over the fields every August.  Even in the scarcity of water last year, they were here, and this year,  they’re everywhere . . . a joyous sight especially after the sun has set, when they almost seem to glow.

For me, a perfectly formed rose blooming in a corner of my garden is always an awesome and  surprising gift, but the true heroes of August are these little golden yellow blooms, that are persistent and loyal.

There’s a beautiful line from this charming British film, “Undertaking Betty”, where Betty talks to this little boy about why he isn’t “weeding” the garden.  In the pure wisdom of a child, he replies, “Weeds can be flowers, too.”

It’s all a matter of perception and relativity.

Blessings to all of you!


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