No matter how many little souls find their way into my heart, it never gets easier to let them go.  Jojo’s departure was heart-wrenching for more reasons than I can understand.  When my mom died three years ago, she left me with her three precious pups.



They were as much a part of my life as she was of mine and they were of hers.  Jojo was her favorite, probably because he embodied so many traits that she recognized in herself: strong-willed, curious and mischievous, and intensely devoted.

He gave me three more years after my mom’s death, longer than the other little ones, and in that time helped to ease my grief and reminded me what really mattered in life.  Love has to be unconditional, otherwise it isn’t love.  He lived his life on his terms, relished every minute of it,  loved fearlessly and unabashedly, and died bravely and quietly in my arms, in peaceful dignity.



My life is so much richer because he was a part of it and I miss him and all his “pursuits” of happiness.

Thank you, Jojo, for staying as long as you did, and for loving me.   You are in my heart forever.

Good night, my sweet little rascal.


“Oh, you never saw    such a good leafy place, and

everything was fine, my dog and the fawn

did a little dance,

they didn’t get serious.    Then the fawn clambered away through the leaves

and my gentle dog followed me away.”

                                    Mary Oliver