We are no longer outsourcing our photo printing to other labs.  After testing out some of  the beautiful papers currently available for professional printers, I’ve discovered that the quality of the print far exceeds that of what is available at an affordable price from labs.  Besides that, I enjoy giving my clients that extra, individualized service. These are, after all, more than just pictures, they’re memories, a snippet of someone’s timeline.

Each photo is individually color-corrected, printed and the print is visually inspected and matched against a calibrated monitor.  The paper selected for the print is based on the tone of the photo.  I use the Ilford Galerie  and Red River polar papers for standard prints, including enlargements of up to 8 X 10.   Anything larger goes on the Hahnelmuhle baryta papers.  Because enlargements are usually on display, I treat each one with an ultra-violet protectant specifically made for  these fine art papers.  Each print is then packaged in its own archival sleeve.

For me as a photographer, it’s the last step in the creative process.  Yes, I see the photos in my online gallery, in cyperspace, on my computer screen.  But not until I hold the print in my hand do I feel that the process of creation is complete.