I was out and about with camera in hand, but like so many times, the lighting was not the best.  High noon, sunny with only a few wispy clouds.  I wanted to find shady areas, but the forest was closed due to fire danger.  So I strolled around the streets of Lincoln, where Billy the Kid used to stroll, and I came across this inviting entryway.

While I’m not an HDR (high dynamic range) fanatic, I do believe in using anything in the digital toolbox to enhance a photo.   I love mixed lighting!    Lots of drama in the interplay between the light and shadows. While our eyes can still see the detail in the shadows, the camera sensors don’t pick it up very well without blowing out the sunny areas.  So you lose detail at both ends of the spectrum.   HDR processing applied lightly and discreetly will bring the details back to the shadow without overexposing the sunny areas. It can make the photo more like the scene you saw when you  snapped the photo.

Contrary to the rules of photography, shooting at high noon is not a bad thing.