I love flowers.  Roses and lillies-of the-valley, daisies and sunflowers are my absolute favorites.  Irises were sort of on a back shelf for me.  Pretty colors, but, in my eyes,  not as magnificent as the rose or lily.  .  . until I started photographing them.  I began seeing them in a different way. They come in such a variety of colors and color combinations.   Tall and graceful,  their petals are perfect for capturing shades of sunlight.  Instead of bending in the wind, they sway to and frow, like ethereal dancers in the mist.  Their beauty draws you in gradually and gently wraps your soul in their pastel hues and silvery petals.

So, here’s to the iris,  a friend who was waiting to be found because I took the time to finally see her through different eyes and in a new light!