He was sound asleep, head under a blanket with feet sticking out.  How many times have those feet carried him from danger or into it to save his mom?  Asleep because he’s feeling safe, at last. 

I was snapping some photos at HEAL and the Nest yesterday . . . a domestic abuse shelter.  As the director was showing me the facility, my emotions were mixed.  Joy and relief at knowing that such an extraordinary facility and support system exists,  and  sadness that such a place is still needed.  Will humanity ever evolve enough to understand that violence only begets violence?

His mom giggled good-naturedly when I asked permission for the photo.  Then she apologized for his feet being dirty, as if that should matter in the big picture.

Domestic violence hurts everyone . . .everyone.  If you’re an abuser, stop and get help.  If you are a victim, you don’t have to be.  There is a safe haven for you and for your children.

May these little feet run only for joy, laughter and play –what childhood is supposed to be about.