My dogs are my family so whenever I am working at the studio some if not all get to go along.  When we were doing Becky’s shoot, I took my little eight month old maltese, Lucia. 

My little cosmic princess, Lucia.

She was only too happy to participate.  She immediately tried to carry off the purses and camera bags which were quite a bit heavier than all of her six pounds.  As we dinked around with lighting, cameras, exposure, etc., we all thought Lucia had gotten bored and was napping someplace, and we continued diligently with the shoot.

studio work. . . photo courtesy of Libby Corry

At break, Becky went to the bedroom for a wardrobe change.  Lucia had not been napping.  She had gone through Becky’s purse, pulled out her wallet, opened it and quietly scattered whatever bills and notes were inside.  Fortunately, the fifty dollar bill was still there and in tact.

Lucia was quite proud of herself.  I think I have a pickpocket in the making!

"Thank you for letting me go through your wallet!"