When it comes to displaying our photographs, we photographers mistakenly think that we can mat and frame as well as anyone else, and this is the one area where we can skimp moneywise.  After all, the picture speaks for itself.  So not true!  While a good photo does speak for itself,  how you display it will either support the mood of the scene or destroy it.  Artists know this.  How their work is displayed  is as important to them as the original work.  Photographers need to remember that they, too, are artists.

Yesterday I picked up the above photo from Josie’s Framery in Ruidoso, New Mexico, where it had been professionally matted and framed.  The job that was done is absolutely stunning!  A good “framer” knows how to combine the mats and frame to add to the quality of the photo –enhancing the photo without overpowering, and this is exactly the end result in my framed picture.

So, thank you, Josie and Martina, for a fantastic job.  My framed print is on display in the lobby of  Hair We Are on Sudderth in Ruidoso