Moon shots are always a challenge, and last night’s supermoon mission was no different.  I wanted a horizon with some interesting and recognizeable structures to compare to the size of the moon as it rose.   I live in a mountainous area and driving to the top of any mountain here was usually a four-wheel drive project which I would prefer to undertake in the light of day.  So I headed east toward the flatlands.  I remembered that each time I drove into Roswell from the west at night, I had a great view of the twinkling cityscape.  Why not, I thought.  I made it to that last hill just in time to set up the tripod. 

Well worth the extra miles, the moon was spectacular –a huge, orange disc that rose quite quickly.  I didn’t get as many shots as I wanted, but that didn’t matter.   To see any part of our world and nature in all its glory, you just have to stop and simply become part of the magic.