If you’re a photographer, one of the best things you can do for yourself is join an online group that focuses on your particular genre or the type of gear you use.  I used to feel I had no time for forums until a friend suggested Nikonites.  I joined in August and have been actively participating since then.  It’s very UNLIKE your typical photo forum.  You’re not going to find snobs, there’s a lot of expertise not only in photography but in Nikon equipment, and the members are very supportive of each other.  It really is much more than a forum, it’s a community.  You can participate in the weekly challenges, post photos for critiques, ask for help or advice.  More importantly, rather than being ignored (as happens in other forums), you’ll be valued.   So, if you’re a Nikon user, consider yourself  invited to the party!  If you’re a beginning photographer, you’ll grow in leaps and bounds.  If you’re an expert or in-between, you’ll only get better.  Click the graphic below to go to the forum, or here, to follow on facebook.