I love coffee . . . good coffee, and I especially like drinking it out of a special mug . . . one that has meaning to me.

Many years ago, a friend of mine gave a special, personalized mug with a poem from the heart and special photo of my Nicky.  I used that for every almost every cup of coffee at school until the images began to wear out and fade . . . image transfer technology was in its infancy then, around 17 years ago.  Because I had to leave Nicky at home while I was at work, holding that mug made me feel like we were together.

A few years later I came across a mug with a beautiful poem and the picture of a horse running through wildflowers.  I called it my “Seek adventure” mug.  Rather than simply copy the poem and use it on my own design, I felt the right thing to do was buy it.  I enjoyed coffee out if it for almost ten years until a couple of my doggies decided they liked coffee out if it, too, and I found it shattered on the floor.



I talk a lot about the magic of photography and the feel of holding a print of someone special or a special moment.  Science has proven that simply seeing the image of a loved one has the same emotional and physical effect on the viewer as seeing that person in life.  I believe this also extends to happy times and special events or moments in our lives.

I used the same poem from my “seek adventure” mug and paired it with one of my favorite photos of Juliette, my palomino mare who died this past July.  All of my photos are gifts from the universe.  it’s almost as if God taps me on the shoulder and says, “Now!”   Juliette is walking briskly toward the light of the morning sun and a breeze is wrapping the fresh, glistening snow around her.  It was a perfect moment.

So, each morning as I sip my coffee, I can run my fingers over her image and read the message about “seizing the joy.”   I feel like she’s here beside me, and I remember, smile and am grateful for the gifts in my life.


Limited quantities of this coffee mug are available for purchase at The Puppy Potpourri.

All profits support EXTRAORDINARY DOGS INC, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to the rescue and retraining of “death row” dogs.