Ansel Adams once said, ” Sometimes I do get to places just when God’s ready to have somebody click the shutter.”  Truth be told, I think this is a feeling that is shared by many of us who traverse this earth with camera in hand.  For all of my most cherished images, it was a split-second decision . . .  if the shutter didn’t click right then, the magic would be gone.  To be at the right place, at exactly the right moment, is indeed “divine intervention.”

The images I offer as Limited Edition Prints are imbued with not only a piece of my soul energy, but that of the subject.  They’re not just “pretty pictures” and I’m happy that those who collect my work find an emotional attachment to it.    My photography is my way of “praying” and I gratefully acknowledge that each image is a gift from the Universe . . . an extraordinary moment that vanished as quickly as it appeared. . . the setting sun breaking through a rainstorm over the winter landscape of the Bosque wetlands, or the antics and ruffled feathers of a Snowy Egret . . .  when everything came together for that fleeting moment.  And my Juliette walking into the morning sunlight on a frosty winter morning . . .  I won’t have another opportunity for this capture.

So,  the above image, “My Juliette, into the Light,” is now officially retired.  Prints can no longer be purchased and the image will be available only for digital viewing here, or at my studio.  Is the retirement permanent?  Perhaps, perhaps not.  It’s a decision to be made much later . . . between my  Juliette and me.


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