It was the coldest night of season and I awoke at 5:30 this morning and turned on the TV to watch “Balalaika” with Nelson Eddy, from under a warm down comforter and snuggled among my doggies.   A point of clarification, Nelson Eddy is in the movie, not in my bed.

I grew up with the Nelson Eddy and Jeanette McDonald musicals, and Balalaika (costar is Ilona Massey) was always one of my favorites, and my mom’s, because it reminded her of her childhood home.  Even though I have most of the movies on tape or DVD, it always feels like a gift from the universe when a network decides to show one.

The film ended in time for to hop out of bed, feed the horses their breakfast, and grab my camera to check out what wildlife were visiting.

It was one gift after another . . . a small herd of deer against the morning sun peaking behind the hill, ice sparkling in the snow like tiny precious jewels, a couple of bluebirds perched in the sunlight,  a cheery robin promising that spring is truly on the way, frost clinging to the heads of dry blue gama grass, a brilliant blue sky, and crisp, clean mountain air.






What a beautiful world!  So full of treasure and magic . . . as long as we take the time to notice and accept.