I’m pretty tired of these “self-righteous” morning news show hosts.  It’s bad enough they can’t come up with their own news, they now drag videos off YouTube and put the creators on the show.

The poor mom who made this prank video was so frowned upon because she had made her son cry, with the concensus being that is was a “cruel prank”.  Her response was that she wanted her son to have a healthy sense of humor — a valid point.  Let’s cut this parent some slack, for God’s sake.

With  an 8-year old looking at a $50,000 car on ebay, a “mistake” purchase is certainly a possibility?  Perhaps he was warned several times about going on ebay  and was pushing the limits a little.  Al least his mom was checking his browsing history.  How many of you do that for your child?  After this little “wake up call,”  he’ll remember to be more careful about ebay the next time he’s surfing auctions.  Pretty good lesson to learn.

Secondly, he took his action seriously, did not try to push the blame on somebody else.  He took responsibility for his “mistake” and his biggest concern was  that the family would have to sell everything to pay for the purchase –this shows bonding with the family and concern for the welfare of others.  In my book, this parent has already instilled some pretty good values in her son.

Just because a child cries does not mean he or she has been traumatized for life. Many times it’s when a child doesn’t or can’t cry that indicates a problem.  A parent’s job is to keep their child safe from obvious threats and teach them how to weather life’s bad times,  not to put them in a bubble and “protect” them from any of life’s discomforts.  They’re supposed to be the safety net for their kids when life deals them a bad blow.  Children shouldn’t be sheltered from the lessons that will shape them into caring individuals, and that includes teaching them to have a healthy sense of humor.

Kudos for this mom for taking this on.  If you really look at the interaction, as soon as the prank was over, he bounced right back, laughing and with both parents joking with him.   As far as his being humiliated, he’ll look back on this video and laugh at himself because he will have been taught the lighter side of life.

I doubt that he will grow into someone who will walk into a school, movie theater or temple and mow down dozens of innocent people with an assault weapon.