Dear Autobody Ruidoso,

I’m a woman with a pick-up truck and while I admit to not having the love affair with my vehicle as most likely you gentlemen have with yours, I do love my truck.  I just didn’t realize how much until someone backed into me.  I agonized every time I looked at the unsightly scene, but you reassured me that you had seen worse and quickly scheduled me in.

On Friday I picked up my truck and was delighted and amazed at the beautiful job . . . not a trace whatsoever of any damage.   I was so happy to see this beautiful work.

But what touched me the most, was what I noticed on my way home and when I got to my gate.  I noticed that someone had taken the time to “degunk” my headlights . . . the light now shone through them.( I was told a long time ago that I would have to replace the headlamps –now I won ‘t have to.)   My instrument panel was nicely free of New Mexico backroad dust, and  my squeaky door no longer made that “inner sanctum” noise when I opened and closed it . . . I knew I had several cans of WD40 but couldn’t find a single one.

You didn’t just notice these little things, you were thoughtful enough to fix them, without even  telling me, and to me, that is certainly the epitome of customer service.

Thank you for caring about me.  You now have not only a loyal customer, but a friend who trusts you.