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Tired Little Feet

 He was sound asleep, head under a blanket with feet sticking out.  How many times have those feet carried him from danger or into it to save his mom?  Asleep because he’s feeling safe, at last.  I was snapping some photos...

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  • Unbelievable that every fucking repub voted against it. Please remember this in 2022. Get them out!!! ,
  • RT : House Republicans will vote no on HR1. Of course they will. They hate when more people have an opportunity to participate in the democratic process. Senate Democrats should take it up immediately and do whatever it takes to pass it. ,
  • RT : Pretty clear from today's hearings that Donny's last-minute appointments to the Department of Defense held up the National Guard response to the storming of the Capitol by three hours. Collusion and conspiracy to overthrow the government.,
  • RT : GOP spent four years genuflecting to a 74 year-old man who spent his presidency rage tweeting from the toilet while high out of his mind on prescription drugs but Neera Tanden somehow crossed a line?,
  • RT : People who don't believe in elections should not be allowed to hold elected office. Why is that so difficult to understand?,
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