Author: Helene Kobelnyk

Bursting the Bubble

I’m pretty tired of these “self-righteous” morning news show hosts.  It’s bad enough they can’t come up with their own news, they now drag videos off YouTube and put the creators on the show. The...

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I have just completed my claim for this blog. SWWYXX9ERPCC Technorati seems like a very classy and professional site, so I’m looking forward to seeing this blog listed there.

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  • RT : The Republican Party gave trillions in tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans and are now suing to try to prevent hardworking Americans from getting $10,000 in student debt relief. If that doesn’t tell you who they work for, I don’t know what will.,
  • RT : WARNING. Someone using the phone number +1 (202) 7549885 is impersonating me. If you connect on a video platform with this number, you will see an AI-generated "deep fake" that looks and talks like me. It is not me. This is a new Russian weapon of war. Be careful.,
  • RT : If you are expecting to receive student loan debt relief, you should know that Republicans are now suing the Biden administration to stop you from getting that relief. Only one party is working to help you—your vote matters this midterm election.,
  • RT : BREAKING: The American Freedom Tour, the company that puts on for-profit Trump rallies, has cancelled events all over the country and now faces BANKRUPTCY after failing to pay vendors and speakers. This is marvelous news!,
  • RT : To paraphrase Rachel Maddow yesterday, "once those in power don't owe their power to a vote of the people, they will be under no obligation to act for the benefit of the people." It's just that simple.,
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