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Please watch . . . how peaceful protesters deal with police, including women and children protecting protesters from arrest or police brutality. In case you don’t know, these are citizens protesting corrupt authoritarian...

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“Am I a Racist?”

  If someone were to ask me that,  I would answer with a firm and unequivocal, “no:” but, I had  a little bit of an epiphany this morning that has left me a little unsettled. The above meme came across my newsfeed...

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  • RT : Former guy colluded with Russia, golfed while hundreds of thousands died, gassed innocent protesters, tried to blackmail a world leader, attempted to steal votes, incited an insurrection and is still trying to tear down democracy. These facts are incontrovertible. 🤔 ,
  • RT : should focus on Lisa Murkowski & Pat Toomey or Rob Portman, who are both retiring, to get passed! should ignore Sinema & Manchin, which will make them furious! Biden can stress how this is & give them something in too!!,
  • RT : Why is the party that’s whinin’ about “election fraud” the ones with all the forged documents?,
  • RT : In 2006, the Senate voted 98-0 to reauthorize the ! points out that 16 current Republican Senators were part of the 98! What happened to them? America had our 1st Black President who was reelected & 1st Black VP! They are scared shitless!! ,
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